Asus Says: Intel Not Making Enough Processors

Wow those Core 2 chips are popular!

We know that Intel has been selling processors like hot cakes this year, but we never thought that the company would have any problems meeting demand. According to Asus, though, that is exactly what’s happening. Asus president, Jerry Chen, has complained that the recent increase in demand for systems has put a fair amount of strain on Intel’s ability to provide OEMs with stock.

Chen also noted that “Our relationship with Intel is good so we don’t have a big problem, but if it wasn’t so good, our troubles might be worse.” Intel hasn’t commented on the issue. These problems follow on from a series of issues that have plagued the notebook market, notably Sony’s battery recall debacle.

As demand settles down after the back-to-school/college/uni and pre-Christmas rushes and the opening of Fab 32, Intel should find that its production will meet demand again. Still, it certainly shows just how popular Core 2 processors have been, that consumers quite literally can’t get enough of them.