Asus Quintet Do The ‘Duo’

Five bright eyed and bushy tailed newbies with the world at their feet.

The post Core Duo baby boom is well under way now and Asus has a litter of five lappies to show us.


Let’s go about separating these cute pups. Saying that, ‘grouping’ may be a more appropriate phrase because the W2J and A7J (top) are clearly peas from the same pod. Both feature 17in displays and built-in DVT-T offering wireless digital TV reception (obviously, only wherever the service is available). ATI X1600 graphics cards are on offer along with hard drives up to 100GB. Prices start from £1,399 (incl. VAT), so go for whichever pleases you in the most superficial way…


The W5F (above, left) and A6J (above, right) are the next Hollywood couple sporting matching webcams. The heavyweight of the pair is the latter with a 15.4in WXGA display, X1600 graphics card with 256MB RAM (Hypermemory 512MB), 1GB of RAM and a 100GB HDD. The W5F is more svelte with a compact 12in screen though the res is no lower also being WXGA. In standard configuration, however, the slimmer figure of the W5F does mean the HDD is a little smaller (80GB) while default RAM is 512MB. Less is more though, with the W5F costing from £1,399 with the A6J two hundred quid less.


The last is my favourite of the bunch. The latest edition of the V series, the V6J, may now have dual core grunt and sport a 15in SXGA+ display but is still as light as most 14 inchers at under 3Kg. An Intel Pentium M Core Duo T2400 processor is under its elegant hood along with a meaty GeForce 7400 graphics card and a gig of RAM. A 100GB HDD is standard, but you’ll have to cough up £1,599 (incl. VAT) if you want to rub your sweaty palms all over its sleek lines.

The quintet will all be hitting stores between now and the end of January. Just remember, a laptop is just for after Christmas, it’s for the next 18 months as well!

Asus UK