Asus Mobo Has Five Second Embedded Linux Boot

Core functionality available even if you run Windows.

With Hugo away it is left up to me to talk about motherboards and you know just ”how much” I love that…!?!

Thankfully the ‘P5E3 Deluxe’ from Asus has come to my rescue being a product that is genuinely interesting.

Built upon Intel’s X38 chipset, it throws a wonderful differentiator into the mix: an embedded Linux OS, which it claims will boot in just five seconds and offer base functionality. Dubbed ‘SplashTop’ (which sounds more like a description of a pub latrine), it has been developed by DeviceVM and comes with core versions of Firefox and Skype installed meaning web browsing, email and VoIP are at your fingertips almost instantly.

Of course if you are a Windows user (Vista? You have my sympathies…) the P5E3 works just as well as any other mobo since its Linux option is held completely separate and isn’t stored on your hard disk.

Elsewhere, the mobo is typical of the X38 with support for everything from Core 2 Quad to Pentium 4 processors, an FSB up to 1333MHz, potentially 8GB of (overclocked) 1800MHz DDR3 RAM, dual PCIe 2.0 slots, 802.11n, passive cooling, dual Gigabit LAN, High Def audio and a swarm of USB ports.

The P5E3 Deluxe goes on sale now for just under £200 and if you’re one of those ‘Oh I just forgot to…’ people you have found your technological nirvana.

Now Hugo, ”get back here!”

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