Asus Eee PC Given Official Launch

Can't let the XO have all the fun.

Despite the fact that we’ve known of its existence for months, Asus has taken until yesterday to ‘introduce’ the system. Still, getting some details other than a few pictures and some speculation is always good. We now know, for example, that four models will be available at launch, called the Eee PC 8G, Eee PC 4G, Eee PC 4G Surf and the Eee PC 2G Surf.

The variation comes with the amount of RAM and hard drive space available. The 8G comes with 1GB of DDR2 and an 8GB SSD drive, the 4Gs with 512MB memory and 4GB SSD and the 2G with 256MB RAM and, you guessed it, a pitiful 2GB hard drive. The 8G and 4G have 5200mAh batteries, which claim around a 3.5 hours lifespan, while the 4G and 2G Surf models have a 4400mAh, 2.8 hour cell.

Apart from this, all the systems have the same specs: a 7in, 800 x 600 screen, a 900MHz Celeron M ULV Intel processor and networking is provided by Ethernet and 802.11g. Weight wise, the system is about 900g, so if you wanted a similar weight machine, but with (a lot) more power, you only other option would be the Toshiba R500, which will cost over £1,000 more.

Lastly, the machine comes out of the box preloaded with a Linux install, offering web browsing, mail and office software. This will partly be to keep the price down, as Windows XP has been tested and works, but Linux should also be less hardware limited than XP giving a smoother user experience.

Eee PC press release.