Asus Eee PC 1008HA Outed

Inevitable fruit-flavoured notebook comparisons surface.

Update: Click here for our full review of the Asus Eee PC 1008HA

It’s Eee PC time again and for once we’re looking at something slightly different – the 1008HA ‘seashell’ netbook. The design-focused system definitely takes a few cues from a certain Apple-y laptop, sacrificing a little practicality to get its svelte form factor and styling.

The curved styling is complemented by a chassis weighing a pinch over 1Kg and with a 1in thickness the 1008HA. On the downside, the system’s battery is built into the casing and non-replaceable, as per the MacBook Air. More functional areas of the styling include the ‘edge-to-edge’ 10in screen and 92 per cent of full-sized keyboard.

Still on the specs side there’s a multi-touch touchpad, HSDPA connectivity and Draft-N wireless. There’s no details on the internals, but it seems safe to expect an Intel Atom CPU and the newer GN40 chipset.

The 1008HA is set to ship in “spring” – so any time now – at €600 on the continent. Expensive, yes; but stylish.


Via Notebook Italia.