Asus Debuts U & UX Series Notebooks

Offer "Immaculate design for the discerning individual," apparently.

Reminding us all that it doesn’t just make Eee PCs, Asus has announced the U and UX series notebooks.

Both are pretty design-oriented and feature auto-adjusting LED-backlit screens and backlit “chiclet” keyboards – for those of you that means much to. The U-series boasts a Core 2 Duo CPU, Nvidia G150M graphics and up to 500GB of hard drive space accompanying a 15.6in screen.

Both the U and UX series also boast an illuminated touchpad “which sends a trail of progressively fading lights to pinpoint the location of the users’ fingertips while delighting the senses.” I can see that becoming annoying and being turned off pretty quickly!

Not much information is given on the UX series’ specifics, although we know it has a slot-loading optical drive.


Via Engadget.

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