Asus Adding 11.6in Eee PC This Month

Not-a-netbook to rival similar machines from other manufacturers.

Asus’ is planning – according to CEO, Jerry Shen DigiTimes reports – to launch an 11.6in Eee PC (not pictured) before the end of the month. Despite constant reminders from all sides that anything bigger than 10in isn’t a netbook and thus probably shouldn’t have an Atom processor in it.

Asus is countering products from rival manufacturers, such as Acer, who produce similar sized not-netbooks. Shen expects sales of this large system to make up around 30 per cent of its netbook sales, with the existing 10in model accounting to 50 per cent.

With predicted sales figures like that, its hardly surprising Asus would happily ignore those who say netbooks shouldn’t exceed the 10in mark. Certainly, if Asus can get the specs and pricing of its 11.6in machine right, it could be in a position to offer some threat to the more traditional ultra-portables. I’m looking at you here, Sony Vaio TT.


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