To Allow Truly Anonymous Browsing

Beating every other search engine's policy hands down.

While Google has recently come under attack for its poor privacy policy, which it recently made even worse under the guise of making it better, aspiring competitor has set a far better example.

It is set to introduce a feature called ‘AskEraser’ that enables users to toggle storage of their search history on and off. AskEraser’s status will also be shown on every page of results.

Claiming it will be the sole search engine to provide users with complete control over their own privacy company CEO Jim Lanzone refreshingly stated: “Anonymous user data can be very useful to enhance search products for all users, and we’re committed to being open and transparent about how such information is used. But we also understand that there are some who are interested in new tools that will help protect their privacy further, and we will give them that control on” Encouraging stuff.

Should a user choose to disable AskEraser and let Ask keep a record of its search history all data will be stored for 18 months then deleted – a system inline with what Google’s revised policy now offers.

AskEraser will be added into the Ask US and UK sites before the end of the year before spreading globally in early 2008. Google (s)though you aren’t likely to(/s) take note.

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