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Are Samsung’s Clear View cases damaging Galaxy S6 Edge displays?

Multiple Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge owners have claimed the firm’s official Clear View cases have caused damage to their new handset’s display.

The translucent cases, in theory, enable users to keep their devices protected while viewing the time various other pieces of important information and notifications to shine through.

However members of the tech-savvy XDA Developers forum are claiming the cases have scratched the Gorilla Glass 4-enforced display of the S6 Edge – and are posting photos to back it up.

There have been no reports of similar damage to the stablemate Galaxy S6, so the problem appears to be specific to the curved display on the S6 Edge.

If the posters are on the level – and there’s no reason to suggest they’re not – then that’s a real problem for Samsung.

Even though they’re able to make prevalent information easily available, the Clear View cases are still designed to protect the display and the overall device. The fact S6 Edge buyers have been forking out £50 a pop for them isn’t entirely besides the point either.

So what’s causing the problem? One theory is that the curved case is somehow letting in foreign matter which is then scratching the screen. Samsung is yet to make an official comment, but it’ll be interesting to see what the firm has to say. We’ve reached out for further information.

If you’re one of those experiencing damage we’d encourage you to contact Samsung or your retailer.