Archos G9 80 Tablet On Sale Tomorrow

Tablets are going through a bit of a strange period at the

moment. While Apple continues to style=”font-size: 12pt;” times=”” new=”” roman=”” ;=””> dominate, it feels as if Android

devices are getting closer and closer to becoming viable alternatives for the


The big issue for many is still the pricing of these tablets

and a tablet which will go on pre-sale tomorrow could be just the answer the

Android community has been waiting for.

The Archos G9 80 will go on pre-sale tomorrow on priced from £199 which could really set the Android cat among the iPad

pigeons. It will be available in 20,000 stores worldwide from 30 September,

according to Archos.

Archos G9 80 Android Tablet

The Archos G9 80 is an 8in Android tablet featuring a dual-core

1GHz ARM Cortex A9  processor,

Android Honeycomb (3.2) and a 1034 x 769 screen. At the £199 price point, the

Archos G9 80 will come with 16GB of storage and WiFi but no 3G. Its larger brother the Archos G9 101 will have similar specs but will feature the faster dual-core 1.5GHz Texas Instruments OMAP 4


The G9 80’s solution to 3G is a slot on the rear for a 3G dongle (an extra £50 from Archos) to allow you connect to your

preferred network. However Three has said that it will provide a pay-as-you-go dongle

for free if you purchase the tablet from them – which is nice.

Archos G9 80 Android Tablet

Another welcome addition on an Archos tablet is full access

to the Android Market, a feature missing from previous Archos Android tablets.

We were impressed when we got a chance to have a hands-on with the tablet back in June and were pleasantly surprised with the quality

of the screen despite it being of the TFT variety.

Archos G9 80 Android Tablet

Archos is also planning on bringing out a Turbo edition of

the G9 80 with a blazingly-fast, dual-core 1.5GHz Texas Instruments OMAP 4

processor inside. This will push the price up slightly when it arrives in October to

around £219.

A version of the G9 80 with a 250GB hard drive on board will

also be available in October costing around £249, the same as the G9 101 with 16GB of

storage. The G9 101 with the 250GB hard drive will cost around £349 when it and

the rest of the versions go on sale next month.

Will you be purchasing one of these tablets? Let us know in

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