Archos Builds Camcorder Into PMP

Kitchen sink next?

When I think of additions I’d like to make to PMPs they tend to be in the direction of increased codec support, better battery life and larger screens. Have I ever wished for a ‘camcorder’? Err… no, not really.

Still, PMP old hand Archos has decided this is a crucial aspect we’ve all been missing from our devices so – with the addition of the ‘404 cam’ – has put that right.

Featuring VGA video capture at a full 30fps, the 404 cam is as good as any current digital camera and its 3.5in LCD is far bigger. Furthermore with a 30GB hard disk the 404 cam can store up to 130 hours – beat that with an SD card…

Should you like what you film the 404 has an optional DVR Station which can playback recordings directly onto a TV and even record from it to Mpeg4. Of course you’ll have a weight penalty for all of this additional functionality (100 x 78 x 15mm, 190g) but it does also do all the standard fair such as support MP3, AAC and AC3 audio formats along with WMV, H.264 and Mpeg2/4 video as well as reading pdf documents.

Battery life is quoted as being a mere eight hours for audio and 2.5 hours for video which isn’t great but at £249.99 it does cost less than an 80GB iPod. The 404 cam is on sale now so if you want your PMP to record video – and there’s nothing wrong with that (you little weirdos) – you know what you have to do…