Archos 10 Revealed

A netbook with 3G? How original!

I thought we were over this, but Archos has decided MWC is the perfect place to inflict yet another netbook upon the already saturated marketplace. The Archos 10, as it is named, at least has the decency to offer integrated 3G to sweeten the deal, but otherwise look fundamentally indistinguishable to just about every other netbook around.

Specs are usual netbook fodder then with a 10in 1,024 x 600 pixel screen backup up by an Intel Atom CPU, 1GB of RAM and a choice of 60Gb or 160Gb hard drives. Archos boasts a slim 20mm thick chassis, versus the 30mm of some rivals – including the original Archos 10 (pictured) – among the revised netbook’s selling points. The biggest draw is bound to be that built-in HSDPA and use of Intel’s revised Morestown chipset, verses the rubbish 945G in the older Archos 10.

The 10s will be available in April and, given the current pricing of the Archos 10 it isn’t likely to be the cheapest netbook going. Still, it’s got 3G built-in and that’s worth paying for, no?

Archos (PDF).

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