Arcam Cuts rCube Price By £150 – Adds White Version

When we looked at the Arcam rCube right at the beginning of this year, Gordon liked it so much he

was almost willing to propose marriage to the inanimate cube audio Nirvana.

While we gave it an unbeatable 10-out-of-10 overall, it only

received an 8-out-of-10 for value, but with the news that Cambridge-based

Arcam is knocking £150 off the price, we may have to review that particular rating.

The new £350 price point is no doubt a reaction to the release

of the Bowers & Wilkins Zepplin Air this summer which had a similar £500 price point – but also included AirPlay



A statement from Arcam said: “The price drop from £500

to £350 is a permanent repositioning led by Arcam and will be available through

all UK

outlets and will be reflected in export markets.” Though this will be of little

consolation to those who may have purchased an rCube in the recent past.

As well as announcing the price cut, Arcam has announced a

white version of its speaker dock to match the new white iPhone and white iPad 2. It too will be offered for £350 when it arrives this week.


Arcam has also announced a new firmware update (1.0.31) which promises better sound, louder sound, improved bass performance, better battery life, and

improved legacy iPod model support.

MD of Arcam, Charlie Brennan said: “We intend to take the lion’s share

of the high-end dock market this season and have decided to get very aggressive

to do it. The new rCube at £350 makes quality competitors look way overpriced

and price competitive models decidedly under par. Even better, the sonic

improvements we have made to the product are available to all existing owners

for free.”

So will the price drop and/or the white version of the rCube tip you over the edge and make you get your credit card out, or will you be looking elsewhere for your speaker dock solutions? Let us know in the comments.