AppleTV UK Finally Gets Some Programmes

Hardly worth the effort considering the abysmal showing.

Because I like having my inbox full of hate-mail from irate Apple fanboys, I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that the latest refresh to the AppleTV download selection is at best disappointing and at worst harks of a pitiful effort by Apple to try and convince us Brits that we really aren’t being neglected… honest. Still, it will probably please some of you either brave or mad enough to invest in what is essentially a glorified YouTube browser that you can now finally get your teeth into some actual TV fodder.

Unfortunately unlike our American counterparts who can download just about every broadcast show under the sun, we are treated to a more limited affair. On the bill, then, are programmes from Paramount, ABC and MTV, in reality this equates to such offerings as Season 10 of South Park as well as Season 3 of Lost. Fine until we tell you that the US gets seasons 1-10 of the former and all three of the latter.

Even better, no showing of such hits as CSI, House, Dexter or even the less-of-a-hit Firefly (though it was brilliant – Gordon) is being made on the UK store and no word can be had from Apple as to when a respectable collection of downloadable content will be available. The final insult comes in the price, a single show will cost you £1.89 which will leave a bitter taste in your mouth if you know that the US price is $1.89.

Fantastically there isn’t a single effort made to try and offer any UK broadcasting, present or otherwise on the store so those of us hoping to catch up on Blackadder or Dad’s Army will be sorely disappointed. Lastly, there is still no evident plan to add any films to the store as yet or any time soon, which is missing a trick in this writer’s opinion. Still, at least now you don’t have to watch endless Pixar short animations or hilarious videos from the internet.

Apple UK.

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