Apple Will Unlock iPhone & Agrees To SDK

The company it is for turning...

Did anyone ever think this day would come…?!

Contrary to all popular belief (and every Applian principle) Steve Jobs has confirmed the company’s much revered handset ”will” receive a software developers’ kit (SDK) and allow third party applications to be coded for the iPhone.

“We are excited about creating a vibrant third party developer community around the iPhone and enabling hundreds of new applications for our users,” said Steve Jobs, in something of a radical 360. Sadly however he admitted an SDK would not appear until February ’08 at the earliest.

This is an interesting and somewhat unprompted development which I can’t help but think has something to do with France. Why? Because though we may call them many things, the French are one of the most anti anti-competitive countries we know and only agreed to release the iPhone on condition that an official ”unlocked” version would be made available too.

That’s right people, a version of the iPhone that is 100 per cent legitimately unlocked will be appearing from 29 November too. Maybe Apple feels a hacker free-for-all will follow (it will), or maybe just mass grey imports (that too) but either way – for once – it has conceded that the inevitable is inevitable.

Ultimately however I doubt this will do much to stem the tide of US and UK unlocking but it does suggests that a permanent (and unofficial) truce will be called.

In non-grey import terms I would call this a we-will-not-relock-your-iPhone deal. Now please do smother yourselves in garlic as, my onion wearing amis, we owe you…

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