Apple: We’re “not all that interested” in touchscreen Mac

Apple’s senior VP of software engineering

has revealed that the firm probably won’t be bringing touchscreen to iMacs or


Craig Federighi spoke to CNet and revealed

that Apple “doesn’t think it’s the right interface,” describing Mac as “sort of a

sit-down experience.”

He then went on to describe how awkward it

would be to sit at a desk and constantly be reaching forward to interact with a


We’ve really focused on building the best

trackpads we can
, something where it feels [like] your posture’s relaxed. It’s

a comfortable machine to use.

Federighi closed by stating that although

they’ve “experimented with” touchscreen Macs, they’re “not all that interested

in building one.”

This means that while touchscreens are a

dead cert for future Apple smartphones and tablets, you won’t be rubbing your

grubbers on a MacBook Air or iMac any time soon.

Apple announced its new 5K Retina iMac last

night, with the firm’s VP of hardware Dan Riccio explaining that the “iMac

experience begins with the display.

The new iMac boasts 67 per cent more pixels than 4K

resolution and seven times more pixels than your standard 1080p screen.

Unfortunately, those hoping for a

touchscreen Apple desktop were disappointed – and now we know why.

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