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Apple Watch goes sub-aqua in extreme waterproofing tests

The Apple Watch is the hottest thing in wearable tech right now, so one tech blogger has helped it cool down by taking it for a swim.

Ray Maker has posted a series of waterproof test videos for the new device, in hopes of examining just how resistant to H2O the Apple Watch is.

The degree to which the Apple’s timepiece has been waterproofed is a major point of interest for the fledgling wearable.

Apple went to lengths to peddle the smartwatch as having formidable fitness tracking capabilities, but it maintains that the device is only water-resistant and should not be fully submerged for long periods of time.

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Fortunately for Apple, the Watch remained in full working condition throughout Maker’s tests.

The first test was a 25-minute swim over a distance of around 1,200 metres. No match for the Apple Watch, it seems.

That’s probably because there is very little water pressure impacting on the Watch at surface-level swimming, reducing the chances of disrupting the waterproofing.


The next step, however, involved diving from both a 5-meter and a 10-meter platform respectively.

Once again, the Watch continued to perform normally, revealing that short stints at depth – as well as high-impact water entry – is still likely to leave your timepiece in good working condition.


Maker also used a waterproof test chamber to simulate varying metre depths underwater, to further examine the Watch’s resilience against aquatic pressure.

Two separate ‘dives’ at depths of 40 metres caused no difficulty for the Apple Watch, giving us great faith that Apple has done a good job with its waterproofing.


“I’m impressed, it’s still chugging along after that – with not a signle sign of any issues at all,” said Maker, following the test.

He continued: “Clearly this is all more than adequate for any sort of casual sweat or showering.”