The Apple Watch 5 could be more of a life-saver than you ever imagined

The Apple Watch is a bit of a life-saver. With its ability to detect when you’ve fallen over, and its ECG monitor with the ability to tell users if they’re experiencing unexpected high or low heart rates, it’s tech that wants to protect you. Now, rumours suggest the Apple Watch 5 could go one better and help detect strokes before they happen.

It isn’t done yet, with a report from USA Today suggesting that the Apple Watch could soon be used for stroke detection as well, with the California-based tech giants teaming up with Johnson & Johnson for a study using the Apple Watch to reduce the risk of strokes.

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From the report, Apple’s chief operating officer Jeff Williams says: “We are receiving thank you letters daily from Apple Watch wearers who are discovering they have AFib. We want a deeper understanding about outcomes and prevention associated with early detection. We are excited to work with Johnson & Johnson, which has a long history and expertise in cardiovascular disease.”

Paul Stoffels, Johnson & Johnson’s executive vice president, added: “The goal is to identify early on AFib and prevent stroke by combining the physical know-how from Apple and what we have from the medical and scientific know-how.”

There aren’t many readily available methods to detect a stroke, so this is an interesting proposition.

The study kicks off later this year, and it’ll run for several years, so don’t expect this to be strapped around your wrist any time soon, but in the future it looks like the Apple Watch could be set to save your life all over again. The smart money is on the next iteration of the Apple Watch having even more functions designed to keep you fit and healthy. 

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