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Apple wants Samsung to make lion’s share of A-series chips, reports say

Apple has chosen Samsung to manufacture around 80 per cent of A-series chips, according to new reports.

The remaining 20 per cent will also be churned out in the east, albeit by Taiwanese firm TSMC – likely sore after losing out to Samsung.

Production of the 14nm application processors will kick off 2016, and should be given pride of place in Apple’s upcoming mobile wares – iPhone 6S, anyone?

Apple has designated Samsung as the primary supplier of its next A-series chips powering iOS devices from 2016 as the alliance with GlobalFoundries enabled Samsung to cut off capacity risk,” a source familiar with the deal said, as reported by MacRumors.

The relationship between Apple and Samsung is an often turbulent one, with chip-making finding itself at the heart of corporate beef earlier this year.

Back in February we heard reports that Apple had vowed to kick Samsung out of its A8 processor production altogether due to low yields.

Instead, Apple was tipped to be making TSMC its top pick for chip output.

Samsung recently showed off sample 14nm chips for a mystery firm (read: probably Apple).

It’s likely that these chips will be the A9, as they’re manufactured using a 14nm process, not the 20nm process that was used for the A8 that landed with the iPhone 6, or the A8X packaged inside the iPad Air 2.

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