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Apple to offer refunds following Breaking Bad season pass row

Apple has announced that fans who bought an iTunes “season pass” for both halves of Breaking Bad season 5 will be getting a refund.

The final series of the phenomenally popular drama was split into two by US network AMC, effectively creating two 8-episode series spread out over the course of a year.

However, Apple had been charging fans for a “season pass” for Season 5 when, in fact, they’d only have access to 8 episodes It offered another pass for the final 8 episodes.

Fans of the show issued a legal challenge claiming a season pass should give them access to all 16 episodes of the final series and Apple, it seems, has listened.

The company has now emailed the affected iTunes users and furnished them with an iTunes vouched covering the cost of the extra cash they forked out, which comes to around £15.

Following the row, those who buy a season pass for the show will now get all 16 episodes, including this weekend’s forthcoming finale.

In more Breaking Bad-related tech news, Netflix has today launched a helpful tool that could allow Brits to enjoy the final episode without the threat of spoilers.

The new Spoiler Foiler website will block out any mentions of the show on social network Twitter, meaning users should be able to browse their feed without some inconsiderate so-and-so wrecking one of the most anticipated TV episodes in history.

The streaming site said: “”As we get ready for the biggest climax in entertainment history and the final episode of Breaking Bad ever (big sigh), Netflix today launches The Spoiler Foiler is a website for fans to remove any posts on Twitter including any ‘spoilers’ relating to the show.

“Yes, that means that all those danger words will be blocked out on your Twitter feed with black spaces so they can’t be seen!”

The final episode of Breaking Bad will air on Netflix UK from Monday.