Apple Store outage hints at possible MacBook Pro refresh

The Apple Store is currently down, prompting speculation that Apple is about to launch a new MacBook Pro with Retina display range.

Head on over to the Apple Store right now and you’ll be greeted with a familiar message in 18 different languages: “We’ll be back. We’re busy updating the Apple Store for you and will be back soon.”

Such behaviour is far from unheard of, and typically comes about when Apple adds new hardware inventory to its online shop.

It also comes just a day after information leaked from an Apple retail store in China relating to a new range of 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display models.

The revamped three-strong line-up appears to feature Intel’s latest Haswell processors, leading to a modest speed bump across the range. It seems we’ll also be getting double the RAM as standard – so 16GB rather than 8GB. The new top model will apparently also feature a 1TB flash drive.

There was no news on the 13-inch class, so this update would appear to be restricted to the 15-inch category at present.

Of course, with rumours of a powerful 12-inch Retina display-equipped MacBook that could either be an Air or a Pro, Apple may well have bigger plans in that department.

What’s more, with the iPhone 6, iWatch, iOS 8, and OS X Yosemite set to launch over the next several months, Apple’s release schedule appears to be plenty busy enough.

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Via: Pocket-lint