The Apple Store is down and that means new iPhones are coming

Is the Apple Store down? Latest news and updates with new iPhone launch hours away

Apple’s online store has gone down – just hours before it’s expected to launch a brand new batch of products, including the iPhone XS

If you try to access the Apple Store on Wednesday, September 12, you’ll be greeted by a message noting that the Cupertino crew is updating its digital storefront, advising you to check back soon.

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For regular followers of Apple’s events this will come as no surprise, as the company always tends to shut off access to the Apple Store ahead of new iPhone or iPad launches, only to boot the site back up again with pre-orders of the newly announced device ready and waiting for keen Apple fans.

Which is exactly what appears to be happening right now.

As well as the iPhone XS, which is rumoured to be a direct successor to the iPhone X, Apple looks set to launch a 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max and 6.1-inch iPhone 9, which was previously rumoured to be called the iPhone 9.

An Apple Watch 4 is said to be on the cards too, as well as new software, an iPad Pro 2018 and potentially even new MacBooks, Apple AirPods 2 and hopefully a surprise or two.

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Stay tuned to Trusted Reviews for more, with today’s Apple special event slated to kick-off at 6pm BST in the UK, or 10am US Pacific time / 1pm US eastern time.

And remember, as ever, you’ll be able to tune into all of the action online, but this time around, Apple is finally bringing to an end to the complicated song and dance that live streaming iPhone launch events on non-Apple devices normally involves.

What are you hoping to see from Apple at tonight’s Gather Round event? Let us know on Facebook or tweet @TrustedReviews. 

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