The Apple Store went down and came back with a new iPad for you to buy

Is the Apple Store down? Latest news and updates

Apple’s online store went down mere hours before the latest Apple event took place, where a new 2018 iPad was revealed. Is it back up now? We reveal all.

If you tried to access the Apple Store on Tuesday, March 27, you were probably greeted by a message noting that the Cupertino crew was updating its digital storefront, advising you to check back soon.

For regular followers of Apple’s events this will not have come as a surprise, as the company has previously shut off access to the Apple Store ahead of new iPhone or iPad launches, only to boot the site back up again with pre-orders of the newly announced device ready and waiting for keen Apple fans.

Which is exactly what happened. The proof is in the (Apple) pie.

Here’s what it looked like earlier.

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