Apple sacks engineer after YouTuber daughter shares viral iPhone X video

Talking about your company’s product before its release gets you a one-way ticket to trouble town, as one unfortunate Apple employee just learned.

His daughter Brooke uploaded a YouTube video of her trip to visit him at Apple campus, which featured a close-up look at the iPhone X weeks before its official launch.

The original video was swiftly removed, but it had already gone viral, which led to it getting reposted and commented upon by just about every tech site going.

Now she’s shared news of her father’s professional demise, with no mention of just how long he’s grounded her for.

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Meanwhile, we’re now just days away from getting our hands on the tenth anniversary iPhone, and this latest iPhone X video shows app switching looking smooth as heck.

It’s yet another one of a handful of videos that have surfaced of the handset in the wild.

Seeing as the iPhone X has no home button, switching apps requires a whole new technique which involves swiping across the screen in an arc shape.

The treats just keep on coming as a quick unboxing has even appeared too.

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