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Apple’s tvOS 11 reveal explains why it wasn’t mentioned in WWDC keynote

While announcing new named updates for iOS, macOS and watchOS during its WWDC keynote on Monday, Apple stopped short of announcing a new version of the Apple TV’s tvOS platform.

While Apple announced that Amazon Prime Video will be arriving on the platform later this year, that was the sub-total of the Apple TV-related announcements.

Now we know why.

On Wednesday during a WWDC session called “What’s new in tvOS?”, Apple did reveal tvOS 11 and there’s not an awful lot to it, on the front end.

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The main new feature, as reported by Neowin, is one called On-Demand Resources, which makes it possible for developers to create apps that are smaller to download initially.

Rather than downloading the full app, other parts will be downloaded as needed, meaning users will see faster downloads, faster launches and less local storage required.

Apple is also adding support for right-to-left languages, while there are also new features to give developers more options when designing buttons and the ability to blur the entire screen.

Another feature, called preferredUserInterfaceStyle, will enable the developers more freedom to work within a specific theme if one hasn’t been chosen by the end user.

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