Apple Reveals Mac, iPod Sales Figures

At its customary annual iPhone press conference, CEO Tim Cook revealed a few impressive figures about the Mac and iPod ranges’ recent successes, including impressive 23 per cent year-on-year growth for its personal computers. It’s enough to make Steve Jobs well up with pride.

Tim Cook spent a few minutes extolling the successes of the Mac series at this year’s iPhone press conference. He says that the OS X Lion software has sold more than six million copies – 80 per cent more than the previous Snow leopard edition – and that Apple computers now claim 23 per cent market share of the home computer space. Its computers still inhabit a minority niche, but it’s one that’s growing at speed, where the PC market managed just a four per cent increase year-on-year, over the last four quarters.

At the last count, there were over 58 million Mac users worldwide. And Cook says they aren’t planning on stopping any time soon – he says that the 23 per cent minority share gives plenty of room for improvement.
Hello iPod, my old friend…

Cook also mentioned the sales of its iPod range, which have now reached an eye-opening 300 million since its inception in 2001. Between July 2010 and July 2011 alone, 45 million iPod units were sold. The iPod range now accounts for 79 per cent of the portable media player market – which comes as no surprise.

As Apple never fails to do, Cook handily reminded us of how the iPod “revolutionised” the music industry. To accompany its humble little music player range, Apple’s iTunes is the biggest music store, with more than 20 million tracks, and having reaped over 160 billion song downloads since launch.