Apple Releases iOS 5

iOS 5 has finally arrived having been launched four months

, but the upgrade to the new software has not been as seamless as Apple

would have hoped.

Released by Apple yesterday evening British time, it seems

as if every iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owner tried to update at the same time

with Apple’s servers unable to cope under the weight of such huge numbers.

Many users reported an “Error 3200” message appearing when

they tried to upgrade their system’s software. This was as a result of the

requests to upgrade not being fulfilled by the servers which couldn’t cope with

the large numbers.

Apple reps said the problem was one they were aware of and

they said the issue should subside within a few hours. And that certainly seems

to be the case with most users now able to download the iOS 5 update without much trouble.

iOS 5 Release

However, overloaded servers were not the only problems

reported with the update with some Apple customers complaining about long

backup time, long downloading times and having to reorganise all your apps as a

result of the upgrade.

iOS 5 is a major upgrade to Apple’s mobile software and will

bring with it some major new features. Among them will be:

iMessage: Apple alternative to BBM, allowing you to

send unlimited text, photo and video messages with other iOS 5 users.

Notifications: The Notifications Center will put all

notifications in one place, with an Android-like swipe from the top of the

screen giving you access.

Twitter: Much higher integration of Twiiter within

iOS5 allowing you to sign-in once and tweet directly from Camera, Photos, Maps,

Safari and YouTube.

Physical Camera Button:iOS 5 users will be able to

use the Volume Up button on the iPhone as a physical camera button.

Users have to connect to their computers one last time

to upgrade to iOS 5 but from there on out, all updates can be done over-the-air.

You’ll need the latest iTunes software too, 10.5, which is also available to download now.

iOS 5 Release

Speaking of such things, iOS 5 users will now be able to use

Apple’s new cloud-syncing service, iCloud. You’ll need to sign up to it on the

website and it will allow you to sync images,

documents, data and more between your iOS device, Mac and the cloud, with back-up

and restore capabilities for your Apple devices. It is free at launch and comes with 5GB of online


Of course the release of iOS 5 is just for starters this

week from Apple with the iPhone 4S going on sale from 8am tomorrow morning and

with 1 million pre-orders in the first 24 hours, we expect those Apple stores

to be pretty busy tomorrow.

The iPhone 4S will of course come with iOS 5 but it will

also have one feature not available (yet) to other iOS 5 devices – namely Siri,

Apple’s voice recognition AI software which lets you ask it questions and give it

commands to make it easier to send emails and texts.

We’ll be bringing you a full review of the iOS 5 very soon

but for now let us know in the comments if you have managed to get iOS 5 onto

your iDevice and what you think of it so far.