Apple Rejects iPhone Bittorent Client

Adopts a guilty-until-proven-to-be-used-innocently approach.

While the recent guilty verdict for The Pirate Bay has proved torrent indexing sites are not immune from the law (appeal aside) you’d have thought the bittorent clients themselves would be above scrutiny… not so.

Apple is – shock + horror – the company to take things to a new level this week having decided to turn down a bittorent app submitted for the iPhone and iPod touch because of how it ”might” be used.

“This category of applications is often used for the purpose of infringing third party rights,” Apple told Maza Digital, developers of ‘Drivetrain’. “We have chosen to not publish this type of application to the App Store.”

Perhaps even more unfairly, Drivetrain is just a front-end for PC and Mac client Transmission allowing users to add, pause, resume or remove bittorent downloads on their computers. Consequently what we have is an app rejected because it ”may” be used to manage content on another computer that ”could potentially” be illegal.

This sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Oh yes, ‘Remote’ – Apple’s own flagship app used to launch the App Store – can be used to control potentially illegal content added to iTunes…

Double standards Cupertino. This is exactly why users still continue to jailbreak their handsets. Sort it out.


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