Apple Planning iMac, MacBook Price Cuts?

Apple premium a bit much for the recession?

If ‘sources familiar with the matter’ are to be believed, and AppleInsider thinks they are, Apple is planning a price drop on its iMacs and MacBooks. As great as the nVidia-flavoured iMac and Mac mini are, they are still a bit pricey. Justifiably so, it could be argued, but the premium over other, similarly specced PCs is a bit much for some.

The drop is apparently intended to both keep Apple’s market share growing, despite the poor economic climate, and also help combat the erosion of the notebook market by cheaper netbooks. As Apple has pointed out repeatedly, it has no intention to create a netbook of its own, claiming such systems offer a sub-standard experience – which is true, but that doesn’t mean buyers aren’t happy to make those sacrifices.

Clearly Apple is able to make a profit on its products at much lower prices. Its education store in the US is selling 20in iMacs for $999, $200 less than the ‘standard’ retail equivalent. Clearly Apple is making pretty good margins at retail and, now the earlier adopters have paid their premium, Apple can afford to reduce its per-system profit to reach a broader audience.

Even if price drops do hit, though, I’m sure we can all agree that the MacBook Air will remain overpriced.


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