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Apple OS X Mavericks announced at WWDC 2013

Apple has unveiled its new desktop operating system at WWDC 2013, with OS X Mavericks formally announced.

Apple’s latest desktop operating system for Macs has been formally unveiled, with OS X Mavericks officially showcased at WWDC 2013.

Formally unveiled during the company’s WWDC keynote, Apple launched OS X Mavericks is the direct follow-on to Mountain Lion, with a raft of new software features and performance overhauls introduced to the system which will power future MacBook Air and iMac computers.

Taking something of a sidestep from the company’s usual cat-themed OS X naming convention, unveiling the new OS X Mavericks software, Apple joked “We did not want to be the first software delayed due to a dwindling supply of cats.”

Bringing iOS notifications to Mac and access to iBooks direct from your Apple branded desktop or laptop, Apple OS X Mavericks will also see AirPlay connected HDTV capabilities thrown into the mix as multiple display credentials are improved.

Introducing a selection of new features, Apple has demonstrated a variety of new OS X Mavericks introductions, kicking off with Finder Tabs. With users able to work in Finder across multiple windows, Apple has revealed OS X Mavericks will allow you to “draw all of those windows together in tabs.”

Suggesting OS X Mavericks will allow machines to run more efficiently, Apple stated: “In Mavericks, we intelligently align the work of your computer’s power transitions, which reduces CPU activity up to 72 per cent. It’s pretty awesome.”

The iPad mini maker added: “Now with compressed memory, we’re able to rapidly compress the free memory.” This will improve response time, it appears.”

Claiming that Mavericks will see Safari also run more fluidly, Apple’s Craig Federighi stated: “Safari is also awesome now when it comes to memory usage, using way less memory than other browsers.”

He added: “We have some more improvements that are really going to help with your browsing, and one is iCloud Keychain.”

“With iCloud Keychain, we can remember your website logins Wi-Fi networks and other passwords too, synced across all your systems and AES-encrypted.”

More details to follow.