Apple may finally be launching a new iPod touch

Apple could be breathing life into its iPod range with an updated version of the iPod Touch coming in 2019, according to reports.

The last refresh for the iPod Touch came with the 6th generation back in 2015, but since then the iPod has mostly vanished, with most of the iPod range now discontinued. The 2015 iPod Touch still retails for £199 for the 32GB model, and for those looking to get into the iOS ecosystem it’s long been seen as a decent entry point.

Reports have surfaced from Japanese outfit Macotakara, dug up by 9to5Mac, that we’ll be getting a new iPod in 2019. Supply chain sources are cited, but otherwise we’re low on details beyond the news that the new iPod Touch is aiming to remain affordable.

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While Apple killed off most of the products in the iPod range in the last few years, the current iPod Touch is still supported by the California based tech giants, running the latest version of Apple’s operating system, iOS 12.

Bearing in mind the price that they are aiming for, it’s not likely to have as much grunt as Apple’s iPhone XS or XR, but an updated model — full of the technological advances of the last four years — aiming at the same price bracket could win fans. It’s particularly useful in a year where iPhone sales are in something of a slump.

A new iPod could be just the ticket for people who want a new iDevice to take advantage of iOS’ features without buying one of pricier iPhones.

Rumour is, it’ll ship with USB-C, too. Apple’s newest generation iPad and MacBooks are all using USB-C, so it would make since, so potentially this could mean the end of Apple’s reliance on the Lightning adaptor.

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