iPhone 8 battery problem? Handsets being split by expanding batteries

Bad news if you’re a paranoid Apple fan, as a further seven iPhone 8 handsets have reportedly suffered from splits caused by swollen batteries. 

Reports of batteries that have expanded and busted through the svelte frame of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus handsets have now cropped up in Taiwan, Japan, Canada, Greece and other nations, indicating that initial reports of dodgy iPhone 8 batteries aren’t isolated to a region that may have received faulty handsets.

When faulty numbers begin to grow, there’s a chance that the problem could be widespread – such as the case of the exploding Galaxy Note 7 handsets. Samsung was forced to initiate a global recall of the critically acclaimed phone, as well as shut off un-returned handsets remotely to prevent harm being caused by batteries prone to spontaneous combustion.

Apple’s iPhone 8 battery bother doesn’t appear to pose a danger to its users at the moment, but it isn’t a good sign for a company that’s prided itself on products offering excellent build quality that “just work”.

Those in the know, according to PocketNow, note that the batteries in the faulty iPhone 8 handsets are produced by Samsung’s SDI unit and by LG Chem. This could indicate a connection between the battery woes of the iPhone 8 and those suffered by the Note 7 – although this is only speculation thus far.

We contacted Apple for comment but the company has yet to respond.

Conspiracy theorists could speculate that this is a play by Apple to push people to buy its iPhone X, but we suspect that battery issues with any of its devices isn’t something that Cupertino would engineer.

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