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Apple HomePod Mini vs Google Nest Mini: 4 key things to know

The cat’s out the bag for the new Apple HomePod Mini smart speaker, but you might be wondering how the smaller device stacks up against Google’s Nest Mini. Let’s find out.

Even though they share similar sounding names, there’s a decent amount of features that separate the Apple HomePod Mini and the Google Nest Mini smart speakers. In the way these devices interact with connected hardware and software, there’s a lot to unpack but we’re here to help.

From price to feature set and even some surprising aspects that you might not have considered, here are the key points you need to know that separate the HomePod Mini and the Nest Mini from one another.

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Editor’s Note: We’ll update this page with our real-world findings when we’ve reviewed the new HomePod Mini.

Nest Mini might not stand a chance in audio quality

The Google Assistant has come leaps and bounds over the years, becoming one of the best smart assistants available. By comparison, Siri just doesn’t quite cut the mustard, and so if Apple wanted the HomePod Mini to stand out, it would need to make a serious investment in sound quality – and that seems to be exactly what has happened.

The HomePod Mini will be utilising the new Apple S5 chipset to adjust dynamic range in real time, and to analyse music as it’s being played to offer the best style applicable to each song. This processing technology could be a gamechanger for what’s possible with smaller smart speakers.

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Apple HomePod mini is more expensive

Even though it sits with an RRP of £49, a lot of us have gotten used to seeing the Google Nest Mini drop to around £30. These prices will seem like pennies compared to the high £99 asking price of the Apple HomePod Mini.

Based on Apple’s typical pricing strategy, it’s not too surprising that the HomePod Mini is more expensive than the competition, but its RRP makes it one of the most expensive small smart speakers to date.

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Device interconnectivity will be a big component of the HomePod Mini

To be fair to Google Nest Mini, the concept of connectivity between the smart speaker and connected smartphones isn’t an estranged concept, but with the HomePod Mini Apple is leaning heavily into the idea of having a connected ecosystem.

For example, you can use the HomePod Mini to send directions to your Apple CarPlay system ahead of getting in your car, giving you everything you need to complete your journey. Apple Intercom also lets users send messages from a HomePod Mini to other HomePod Minis, iPhones and even directly to Apple AirPods.

NFC will allow for seamless sharing

During the HomePod Mini reveal, Apple showed an iPhone user putting their phone next to the smart speaker, at which point the song being played showed up immediately in Apple Music on the iPhone.

It sounds simple, but this could be a great way of sharing music with friends and family, letting them listen to your favourite tracks on their time in an instant.