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Apple granted patent for new MacBook concept

Apple has been granted 35 new patents covering a wide range of technology, including one for a revolutionary new MacBook Pro concept.

The US Patent and Trademark has granted Apple 35 patents for new technology, which detail a number of concept devices like a “dual-sided trackpad” for a potential MacBook Pro iteration.

The concept MacBook replaces the standard keyboard and trackpad with an innovative transparent glass work area that functions as a dual-sided trackpad that is touch sensitive on both sides and supports multitouch.

The patent depicts a folding capacitive panel that can be folded over the display, but still allows interaction with the display.

“This Apple invention is a notebook with its traditional keyboard and trackpad replaced with a single transparent work area that’s multitouch”, the patent reads. “The lid is touch sensitive and could interact with the display.”

It is unknown how the transparent trackpad portion would work as a keyboard, but from what we can see it could turn the MacBook into some kind of dual-screen iPad device that still packs all the power of the traditional Apple notebook.

It could suggest that Apple may one day move into the hybrid or transformer territory the likes of which other manufacturers are already producing.

Apple has obviously focused this patent on the panel’s use in a MacBook, but also outlines that the technology could be utilised by other devices including smartphones, desktop Macs, media players or games consoles.

This latest granted patent compliments another Apple patent for an iPad Macbook hybrid that emerged in April.

The patent outlined a hybrid laptop that combines an iPad-like screen with a MacBook, but with a display that the user can detach and use as a tablet.

This product, if it ever comes to fruition, could be a rival to products like the Microsoft Surface, Dell XPS 10 or Asus Vivo Tab.

MacBook with transparent trackpadMacBook with transparent trackpad

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Via: Patently Apple