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Apple Glass AR specs coming 2021 for under $500 – report

Finally, we may have some news about Apple’s long-rumoured AR-based specs that, according to a new report, will be called Apple Glass.

According to the prolific Jon Prosser, the host of Front Page Tech, Apple plans to offer Apple Glass starting at $499, on top of the price of prescription lenses.

Prosser reckons he has seen a video prototype of the product, which will have a display in each lens as well as a lidar sensor within the frames for depth perception. Crucially, the iPhone powered specs are not likely to have a camera, which is sure to allay some of the privacy concerns pertaining to early efforts in this sector.

The video report, posted to YouTube, also suggests the specs won’t look too different from a pair of standard prescription specs, which is something the firm North achieved quite well with its North Focals product. We’d imagine with a little more Apple-esque sheen, no-one’s going to point at you and say “what’s that monstrosity on your face?”

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Prosser claims Apple had planned to reveal the Apple Glass specs as a now-rare “one more thing” announcement at the end of the iPhone 12 launch event in September, but that has since been pushed back to 2021.


It’s not clear whether this is because of supply chain strains, or whether the product isn’t quite ready for prime time yet. Of course, all of this is conjecture right now. Apple hasn’t made any official comment on the Apple Glass product yet – if that’s what it is to be called – and there isn’t much news about the functionality they would offer in this report.

Apple has recently upped its involvement in the sector by completing the purchase of the virtual reality sports and entertainment provider NextVR. It’s entirely unclear what Apple intends to do with the technology developed by the company.