Apple rumoured to be launching App Store game subscription service

Apple is reportedly working on a Netflix-style gaming service that would give subscribers access to some of the best games the App Store has to offer.

According to a Cheddar report, gamers would be able to pay a single monthly fee to access a collection of titles, but it’s not clear whether Apple plans for the majority of App Store games will be included.

Five people familiar with the matter said Apple has been discussing the plans internally since last summer, with strong App Store games revenues encouraging the firm to look at a new model.

Apple is looking increasingly to its Services division and recurring payments as a means of offsetting falling iPhone hardware revenue. Also with a number of console players like Sony and Microsoft, now experimenting with subscription services, Apple could get a seat at the table.

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Essentially, it could be akin to what Apple has done with iTunes and Apple Music over the last few years. As downloads dropped off, Apple enabled users to opt for all-you-can-eat access to the entire iTunes library through Apple Music.

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Like Apple Music, the gaming platform would likely enabled subscribers access titles on their iPhone, iPad and, where available, tvOS and macOS titles.

Apple doesn’t have the best record when it comes to expanding gaming beyond the traditional pay and play model. The firm’s pitch to turn the Apple TV into a fully fledged gaming device floundered amid a lack of developer support.

Any subscription service would likely require developers to sign up to new terms and conditions, which could also change the way they are paid.

Would you sign up to an Apple game streaming service in 2019 should the company launch the new model? Or do you simply want to pay per title? Let us know @TrustedReviews on Twitter.