Apple Flogs Refurbished iPhones On The Cheap

By Grabthar's Hammer... what a savings.

Here we go again… *sigh*

The phone which absolutely and steadfastly refuses to move from the headlines has stopped the presses yet again with (apparently) cataclysmic news: Apple is flogging off cheap refurbs.

For interested parties (and that’s sure to be a lot given the increasingly successful unlocking attempts) who head over to the company’s minimalist cliché of a site they will find 4GB and 8GB models going for $399 and $499 respectively – a saving of $100 apiece. Each also retains their full one year warranty which is upgradeable to two years for an additional $69.

The mischievous among us – of which I would count myself a fully paid up member – are tempted to suggest this usual move by Apple comes on the back of the numerous returns from which the handset has suffered. Everything from poor AT&T reception to the lack of MMS messaging, 3G support and copy and paste functionality has been cited though I’d have to admit Apple’s favourite toy has got off to an overwhelmingly positive start.

So if you’re in the running for a refurb follow the link below…

For everyone else please admire the way I managed to write an entire story without once saying the word ”iPhone”.


Refurbished iPhones – Argh! I said it again…

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