Apple Finally Adds FM To iPods

Just not in the way we wanted it...

Third parties have been doing this for ages, but since Apple has finally stepped up to the plate they might as well go home now.


What I’m talking about, of course, is a long overdue official FM receiver. No, it hasn’t finally integrated the technology into the iPod ranges themselves, but instead made a remote that plugs into the base of the players themselves.

FM frequencies can be adjusted by the small remote control on the cable and a neat interface shows users the frequencies, all very straightforward. What is a little less impressive is the $50 price tag for something that comes integrated in almost every other rival player on the market and the curious lack of iPod mini support. On a practical side, the length of the cable given over to the FM transmitter also seems unnecessarily long, but this fashion also appears to be arriving on many earphones too, so perhaps I’m just not down ”wit da kidz… ”?

The ‘iPod Radio Remote’, to give it its full title, is out now. Whether you shell out for one is probably down to if you can stomach paying for something that should’ve been free for eons and your own private love for BBC Radio Five Live

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