Apple hasn’t placed its bets yet on Face ID or Touch ID for the next iPhone

Apple hasn’t decided if it prefers the fingerprint scanning Face ID tech or the face scanning Face ID feature for its next-generation iPhones. 

That’s according to report by Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst working for KG Securities known for his strong record of accurate Apple predictions, who noted that putting a finger print scanner under a display is still a technical challenge for Apple, meaning Cupertino is more likely to focus on pushing Face ID tech to more of its iPhones in 2018.

But according to 925Mac, Kuo threw a curve ball by predicting that if Face ID isn’t well-received by iPhone fans, then Apple could pivot back to working on an under-display equivalent of Touch ID.

“If Face ID fails to impress consumers, Apple may turn its focus to the development of under-display solution,” he said in a research note for investors.  “However, even if that happens, Apple will still have to find ways to overcome the aforementioned technical issue.”

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But Kuo is pretty confident that the Touch ID home button won’t be back after the iPhone 8: “We believe Apple will replace the existing Home button-based Touch ID with the under-display solution for higher screen-to-body ratios, if it decides to bring back Touch ID.”

The thickness of the screen on the iPhone X, due to the need to house a 3D Touch module, means it’s too chunky for a fingerprint scanner to work under it. But even if Apple were to overcome this hurdle it would then have to decide on whether it puts Touch ID into the iPhone X’s successor or decides to commit fully to Face ID, which has polarised reactions to it with some people worrying about it breaching their privacy and security.

Once both the iPhone 8 and iPhone X are both out in the market, then we’ll have a better idea of whether Apple fans prefer Touch ID to Face ID, but Kuo has previously mentioned that the iPhone X is cannibalising pre-orders from the iPhone 8, meaning there could already be a healthy appetite for the Face ID.

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