Apple exec Fed says there are no plans for Face ID to become Faces ID

The new iPhone X presents an issue for people who are comfortable with sharing their device with family members. Apple’s facial recognition platform Face ID will only allow users to register one mug, meaning partners or kids can’t unlock the phone themselves.

Contrarily, the fingerprint-based Touch ID method on older devices enables users to register multiple fingerprints that do not have to belong to the same person.

Unfortunately, or unfortunately depending on your perspective, Face ID is unlikely to become Faces ID any time soon.

Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering Craig Federighi says there are no current plans to extend Face ID to multiple users at this time (via 9to5Mac).

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In emailed comments to an Apple fan asking whether he and his wife could someday gain access to each other’s phones again, the Apple executive also said Touch ID wasn’t even designed to be used by multiple people.

He wrote: “Currently we’re focusing Face ID on single user authentication. (even TouchID’s multi-finger support was really intended to enable a single iPhone owner to unlock the device with a finger and thumb on both hands, not to enable multi-user authentication.)”

Federighi was also said Apple will keep the feedback in mind as Apple continues Face ID development.

The X factor?

Face ID has enabled Apple to ditch the Home button from the iPhone in order to create a handset with an edge-to-edge display.

The new security tech is said to be faster than its predecessor. Apple says the data is stored only on the handset itself, but privacy advocates have raised concerns over what happens when third-party apps gain access.

Just recently, a small child was able to fool his mother’s iPhone X and consistently gain access to the device via Face ID.

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