Apple Event (March 2018): Video highlights and all the news from the iPad event

Apple Event (March 2018) Recap: Highlights from Apple’s iPad event in Chicago

Everything you really need to know about the March 2018 Apple event, including all the latest news and the big new tablet reveal.

It’s official: Apple launched a new product at its March 27 event in Chicago. Here’s all you need to know about Apple’s ‘Let’s Take a Field Trip’ education event – or watch our video recap for a rapid-fire look at what went down.

Alternatively, read on for news highlights from the event – and a look at some of the products we wanted to see, but didn’t.

Apple Event: The biggest news from the March 2018 Apple iPad launch event

As expected, this was an education-focused gathering held at a school in Chicago, where the new 2018 iPad stole the show – leaving us still waiting for news of the iOS 11.3 public release, which we honestly thought would feature at the event.

The was plenty more unfulfilled hype, too, with new no new laptops or phones to speak of. Among the products linked with the first Apple event of the year were:

However, we did get treated to a new stylus of sorts in the Logitech Crayon, which has plenty of people excited. We’ll have more on both the iPad and Logitech Crayon as soon as we our hands-on them.

As a bit of background, the first big clue that the game was well and truly afoot came early on March 27, when the online Apple Store went down. OK, there was still a teeny, tiny, minuscule chance it was just a coincidence, but this was 99.9% a tell-tale sign that shiny new iToys were incoming.

The news first came to our attention courtesy of a tweet from noted Apple fancier Mark Gurman.

Apple Event March 2018: What we expected

As we’ve just said, plenty was rumoured for the Apple event this March, not all of which came to pass.

And it wasn’t just us who got a bit over-excited – here’s what some Apple insiders predicted.


Apple Event Live Stream: Can I watch Apple’s Chicago launch event online?

This might come as something of a surprise, but Apple’s March event wasn’t live streamed in the same manner as most of its other gatherings, like the upcoming WWDC 2018.

However, you can watch it on catchup now it has finished.

Just head over to the official Apple Events website (in Safari, ideally), for the best hour of your life you haven’t spent asleep.

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Apple event 2018

Apple Event Live Highlights: All the action as it happened

This event has now ended, but you can find our live coverage of the March Apple event below – in sequential order.

Tim Cook has officially taken the stage! Big things are coming up, we hope.

At least, after we get through the usual opening garble. Kids are great, it seems. Tim Cook loves Chicago. Technology is good for kids. Super stuff, all of it.

Much chatter about the role of iPads in schools. Surely this isn’t a sign of things to come?

And there it is.

“We’re going to talk about iPad.”

With those words, Apple CEO Tim Cook has confirmed that we’re on the brink of a new tablet. But will it be what we expect?

Well, it’s an “extension of kids’ minds” according to said boss. We wouldn’t care to disagree.

Creativity, productivity, and the power of cameras. Yep, Apple is getting into its groove for sure.

A teacher comes on stage. To talk teacher-y things.

But now the 9.7-inch iPad has been mentioned and we’re on to the big show.

And there it is! The new 9.7-inch iPad (2018) is confirmed. It will obviously enjoy Apple Pencil support – as will the previous iPad model.

Some new tricks being shown off now. This is a breakneck pace, even by Apple’s lofty standards.

Here’s a snap live from Chicago courtesy of The Independent’s Rhiannon Williams, along with a first look at the specs.

These see the new 9.7-inch iPad closely resembling the existing iPad Pro. It’ll feature 10 hour battery life and LTE support along with an 8-megapixel HD camera, 9.7-inch Retina display, and the same Apple A10 Fusion chip that powers the iPhone 7.


Lots of chatter about new dedicated apps for schools, starting with the new Apple School Manager tool that will allow education admins, you know, manage stuff.

Teachers snooping on students has always been commonplace, but now it’s going 2.0. Mr Gilbert is rubbing his hands with glee, no doubt.

But would he be able to afford it? The pricing for the 2018 9.7-inch iPad has just been revealed and, as you’d expect, the rumoured ‘cheap’ tag is very much by Apple standards.

It’ll cost you £319 in the UK for a 32GB, Wi-Fi-only model is silver, space grey, or gold. Add 4G LTE connectivity and it’ll be a base price of £449, while the Apple Pencil will (still) cost £89. Schools will get a marginal discount, though – this has been confirmed for both the US and UK.

“Everyone Can Create.” This is a new, Apple-branded initiative if you couldn’t tell.

Please excuse the snark, but it feels like today’s Apple event has more or less run its course with the iPad refresh.

And that’s all folks.

Apple Event March 2018 Time and Date: When did Apple’s March event take place?

Apple’s first 2018 event took place at a school in Chicago on Tuesday March 27.

The location meant it fell within America’s Central time zone, which is US Central Time (CT) and is six hours behind the UK’s current British Summer Time (BST).

The Apple event started at 10am local time (CT), which was 11am US Eastern Time (ET) – and 4pm here in the UK.


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