Apple Ditches AppleWorks, Concedes To MS Office

Painful, but inevitable.

While it may run an advertising campaign based on (s)half truths(/s) trashing everything PC (and thus indirectly Microsoft) – Apple has been forced to concede one thing: Microsoft Office.

This week Apple confirmed it is ditching its long running rival productivity suite ‘AppleWorks’ after badly losing out to Microsoft’s offering. AppleWorks had not been updated in three years and the news comes just nine days after it announced partial successor iWork ’08.

Surprisingly, in what smacks somewhat of shame, Apple has instantly removed all trace of AppleWorks from its site and redirected all AppleWorks queries to its iWork page – a strange decision since the two products do not exactly align (the latter is far more focused on spreadsheets and presentations).

To be fair however the writing has been on the wall for AppleWorks for sometime and Job’s boys have simply put it out of its misery. The fact Apple has also been running commercials promoting its Microsoft Office compatibility (s)which had to hurt(/s) also made no secret of AppleWorks’ perilous position…

AppleWorks History

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