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Apple App Store tops 900,000 iOS apps milestone

The Apple App Store now plays host to more than 900,000 iOS applications for iPhone and iPad users, Apple CEO Tim Cook has revealed.

Speaking during the company’s WWDC 2013 keynote speech, Cook confirmed that in the wake of hitting 50 billion iOS downloads, the Apple App Store is nearing in on the 1 million iOS apps milestone with more than 900,000 currently available to choose from.

Suggesting than 90 per cent of the 900,000 iOS apps are downloaded on a monthly basis, Cook of the impressive figure joked, “that’s a lot of zeroes and a truly staggering number in less than five years.”

With the App Store set to celebrate its fifth birthday next month, Cook humbly stated that “nothing like the App Store existed before, and it has fundamentally changed the world.”

Delving deeper into the true size of the App Store, Cook said: “We have 575 million accounts in the store, most with credit cards and one-click buying. We have more accounts with credit cards than any store on the internet that we’re aware of.”

With $10 billion having been paid out to developers so far, he added: “One of the things we love about the app store is that it levels the playing field between large developers and small developers.

“The momentum is incredible. We paid out $5 billion of that just in the last year.” This figure represents three times more than all other platforms combined according to Cook.