Apple AirPods are the latest Christmas casualty of 2017

Apple wireless AirPods headphones have become the latest casualty in the rush towards Christmas, with the online store out of stock until the New Year.

That’s the situation for major online retailers in the US, according the The Verge, and a bit of online searching by us paint a similar picture for the UK.

The likes of John Lewis, Argos and Amazon appear to be either out of stock for the Apple AirPods, or require a set to be reserved for when more stock arrives, and, in the case of Apple’s UK online store, will expect delivery of the £159 headphones in early January.

At the time of writing Curry’s webpage for the AirPods threw up a technical error, so it would seem there’s been a big surge in the amount of people snapping up Apple’s fancy wireless earbuds, likely fuelled by sales of the iPhone X across November.

There are smaller online retailers that appear to still be selling the AirPods, including independent sellers through Amazon, but there’s no guarantee they’ll arrive in time for Christmas Day. And the prices of the AirPods have been jacked up in some cases; we saw one retailer offering a set for an eye-watering £292.

So it looks to be bad news for anyone expecting to find a pair of AirPods in their stocking or buy a set for their iPhone toting loved ones.

There are alternative wireless earbuds on offer, but these don’t offer the same smart capabilities as the AirPods, so if you’re after the headphones tailored for iPhone use you may need to wait until January.

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