Apple Accused of Tampering With Galaxy Tab Images

Last week we reported that Apple had won a preliminary

ruling in a German court which blocked the import of Samsung’s Tab 10.1 within the EU (except the Netherlands).

Now a Dutch website, Webwereld, has claimed that Apple, knowingly or otherwise,

tampered with one of the images submitted to the court as part of its

successful application. Apple claimed that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 “slavishly

copied” the design of its iPad and that the two products are virtually


One of the images submitted to the court to support this

claim was one showing the two tablets side-by-side (below) and they are indeed tough to tell apart. The problem however emerges when you see that Apple

has claimed the aspect ratio of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is 1.36 and very close to

the iPad 2’s 1.30. The official Samsung dimensions show that the actual aspect

ratio is 1.46.


The issue arose following investigation by Research

Networks, whose report said: “There are two images, the iPad and the Galaxy Tab

10.1, and below Apple’s claim that the ‘general impression’ is that the two

products are ‘virtually identical’. But the image of the tab is incorrect,

because it does not match the real Galaxy Tab.” A further issue arose because the

Samsung logo was absent from the front of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 making it look even

more like the Apple tablet.

Following the injunction, Samsung has said it was going to “act

immediately” to overturn the blockade and has an appeal hearing on 25 August

when this issue is sure to be raised.

Source: Webwereld (translated)