AOpen Announces Pentium-M SFF System

Those looking for a really silent SFF box may like the sound of the Pentium-M based EY855 from AOpen.

AOPen has announced the first Small Form Factor (SFF) PC to be based on the i855GME chipset for Pentium-M. The release of the EY855 XC Cube follows AOpen’s release of the i855GMEm-LFS motherboard for desktop PCs.

The Pentium M is a good match for SFF PCs as its low power consumption means it enjoys near silent operation. This is because while an Intel LGA775 Pentium 4 processor consumes roughly 160 watts, a Pentium M processor consumes only 40 Watts, meaning a lot less heat is generated. This means less cooling is needed resulting in quieter operation.

The AOpen EY855 XC Cube supports Pentium M processors up to 2.0GHz, with a 400MHz FSB and 2GB of DDR333 memory. It also sports USB 2.0, Firewire connectivity. Graphically it’s limited to an AGP 4x interface but there is a PCI slot for an additional expansion card.