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Anime streaming outfit Crunchyroll increases price

Crunchyroll, the big name in anime streaming outfits, is bringing in its first-ever rise in price, making the service more expensive from May 1st, 2019.

Don’t feel too aggrieved, Crunchyroll has sat at the same price (£4.99) since it launched 13 years ago, all the way back in 2006. These people have to eat, don’t you understand?

From May 1, 2019, this price will rise to £6.50 a month, which still makes it cheaper than some of the big-name streaming outfits, something tempered by the fact CrunchyRoll is exclusively about anime, in addition to some live action shows from across Asia.

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You don’t need a paid subscription to watch Crunchyroll, but a sub gives you full access to the streaming outfits library, early access to shows currently airing in Japan and get an ad-free experience.

Crunchyroll has the world’s largest collection of anime and we are grateful to have focused on building out such a robust library for over the last decade, without a significant price change in our company history,” said a statement from Crunchyroll. “However, due to rising costs of content and infrastructure, now is the time to introduce new subscription pricing. This price increase will help us bring our community more of their favourite shows, allowing us to create even more experiences for them to connect with each other and through shared passion for anime.”

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I barely know my Akira from my Appleseed (conveniently name-dropping two of the three anime movies I can easily recall in one sentence) but after several years of costing a shade under a fiver, it seems like a reasonable price hike.

The third movie is Ghost in the Shell, obviously. Don’t judge me.

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