Angry Birds Star Wars prequel teased for July 15 launch

Rovio has released a teaser picture for an entirely new Angry Birds Star Wars game, potentially a prequel instalment.

Fans of the mobile and social gaming series can expect an entirely new Angry Birds Star Wars game, and by the looks of the newly release teaser picture it could be a Star Wars Episode 1 remake in the true Angry Birds’ style.

“Attention Angry Birds fans! Stay tuned on Monday, July 15, for big news about a brand new game!”, reads a Rovio blog post. “We’re talking the biggest character line-up ever, awesome new powers, and maybe even a few surprises!”

Potentially merging all of the Star Wars prequel into one whopper Angry Birds game, Rovio’s teaser picture strongly resembles the Star Wars Episode 1 film poster. The image shows an Angry Bird Anakin Skywalker representation and his shadow morphing into a slightly porcine-looking Darth Vader silhouette.

“Big new game announcement coming on Monday! #July15” tweeted Rovio from the official Angry Birds twitter account.

Angry Birds fans could see bird version of characters like Padme Amidala and Jar Jar Binks, the latter a potentially very comedic addition to the series.

On the piggy side of the force, Darth Maul and General Grevious are both bound to make appearances.

Back in June, Rovio launched a teaser trailer for Angry Birds Go!, what looked to be a racing game version of the popular bird catapulting series.

However, we have yet to hear more about the racing title, which could potentially incorporate endless-runner elements such as Temple Run and its sequel Temple Run 2.

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