Angry Birds pulling Windows Phone support – the final nail in the coffin?

There’s yet more bad news for Windows Phone users. Rovio, the developer behind Angry Birds, is the latest to pull support for its Windows Store offering and has also ditched development for the PC version.

As reported by Windows Central, an email response to questions about future products for the platform stated that the developers are choosing to focus their efforts on iOS and Android.

The Angry Birds exit adds to a long and illustrious list of recent Windows Store escapees including major airlines, banks, photo editing providers, and cloud storage apps.

Not even attempts to develop Universal Apps to work cross-platform on Windows 10 has been enough to bridge the ‘app gap’ that many users have been complaining of.

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Numerous third party apps popular on iOS and Android can take significantly longer to update their Windows versions, if it happens at all – meaning users miss out on new features.

As a result, many of the apps iOS and Android users take for granted still look outdated and glitchy on Windows.

If you’re someone who doesn’t use or need all these apps, the pleasant UI and lovable phone-mate Cortana may be enough for you.

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But for anyone who uses Facebook, Instagram or Twitter regularly, it might be best to leave the Windows phones for dead — before you get angrier than the birds.

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Does Windows Store have a serious app gap? Have your say below.