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Android Wear gets a fully-featured Google Maps app… sort of

An operational Google Maps app has been spied running on the LG Watch Urbane Android Wear smartwatch.

An AndroidCentral reporter made the discovery after updating his Google Maps phone app.

After syncing with the Urbane watch with his phone, he was able to launch the Google Maps app, which is yet to be officially announced, on the smartwatch too.

The launcher icon showed up on the watch and the reporter, Andrew Martonik, was also able to open Google Maps with an “open Maps” voice command.

In terms of functionality, users can benefit from a “full screen top-down map experience,” can scroll move around the map, pinch or make use of zoom buttons. As well as the full colour experience, there’s also a black and white outline map, akin to the ambient watch faces. There’s also a compass and a pin button that enables users to explore local places.

However, the app seems far from ready for prime time use, according to the report, which claimed it to be rather buggy and required several reboots to operate properly.

It is also seeminly designed to work only with watches like the LG Watch Urbane, which have a side button, as pressing it is the only way to exit the app, according to the report.

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The app appears to be in the test stages right now, but perhaps Google has a full launch in mind to help its device rival the Apple Watch’s Maps functionality.